Tom Keane talks about Jim Plamondon

Tom Keane, a professional in the field of software development, has been working at Microsoft for over 25 years. It is one of the most important companies in the world, and they have tons of opportunities available to those who take advantage of the Microsoft Corporation. I had a chance to speak with Tom Keane about his experience with this job and what life is like as a full-time employee. Tom was able to speak about his experiences firsthand, which made this interview very interesting since it wasn’t just talking about what he did but how he felt he accomplished these tasks.


His Achievements

  1. Tom started with the company now known as Microsoft in 1988. He has been with them since then and has risen to prominence in the company by becoming a member of the Microsoft ALM team. It was here that he was able to meet one of his most prominent role models, Jim Plamondon. Tom Keane points out that Jim Plamondon is now retired, but he was a massive part of the Windows NT initiative, which Tom had always wanted to be involved with.


  1. In 1998, Tom Keane became an architect for the MS Server product line, and by 2003, he rose to Vice President of Development at Microsoft. It was here that he helped Microsoft achieve a leading development and deployment environment for the company. While only being a vice president for two years, Tom Keane dedicated much of his time and energy to ensuring that the team stayed on track by winning various awards, including the CIO 100 award in 2005.


  1. Tom Keane was asked to help build an internal community called “Microsoft Consulting Services.” There he split his time between being both a consultant and an architect helping many of their great partners like Accenture, IBM, HP, and Westinghouse.


  1. Tom Keane then went on to help build another community known as “Microsoft Services Orientation,” or simply MSO teams. Here, he helped develop leaders who could work with customers hands-on. Tom Keane’s career with Microsoft has been a long and rewarding one. He has helped the company achieve many of its goals, and in return, he participated in some fantastic projects. Speaking with Tom was exciting and enlightening; I’m glad I could have this conversation with him, and hopefully, we will have more in the future!