Thomas Neyhart On PosiGen’s Solar Panel Program

Electricity bills are expensive, and once there is a power outage, most of the functions and appliances in homes cease working. Homes also lose a lot of energy via leaks, increasing electricity bills. Led by Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen is a solar and energy efficiency company that helps homes become more energy-efficient and help you convert to using solar power. If you suspect a leak, PosiGen will conduct an audit, identify all leak points, and suggest the best energy-saving solutions for you. 

They also have a solar energy program to install solar panels in your home without an installation fee. They also offer maintenance included, monitoring, and home efficiency improvement services to help you get the best out of the panels as long as you have them. Thomas Neyhart adds that you can buy or lease the panels, depending on your budget. 

Leasing is a good option if you have a high budget or want to see how efficient the solar panels are before buying. If your solar panels don’t produce enough energy to run your home, you get additional power from the grid, lowering your electricity bills. However, Thomas Neyhart adds, if they produce more, the excess energy goes to the grid, and you get credits in the form of free electricity in the future. 

Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen solar power company’s CEO, aims to make solar easy to access and affordable for everybody, especially the low-to-moderate income communities. Since their leasing program is inexpensive, he says it helps these communities save on utility bills, making it easier to save for their future. CEO at PosiGen Thomas Neyhart says that the company has installed solar panels for over 18,000 customers through the project.