The Success Of Raffaele Riva And AUREA Along With Their Innovations In Global Business And European Financial Services

Raffaele Riva is the head of The AUREA Multi-Family Office. He established the financial management company in 2008. Raffaele Riva is a successful businessperson who has managed many international financial deals. The company provides a wide range of specialized financial services to wealthy clients in various nations.

When Riva established the AUREA Multifamily Office, he had the goal of acting as a facilitator and advisor for wealthy businesspeople and investors. Raffaele Riva and his AUREA team offer investment and financial advisory services to private individuals, businesses, and conventional and unconventional investors.

Four companies operating under the AUREA umbrella are based in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Italy. In those subsidiary companies, Raffaele Riva occupies a key position. In addition, he serves on the boards of several global subsidiaries of the organization.

To meet the needs of wealthy people and business clients, the organization offers a variety of personalized financial services. They have particular expertise in handling high-profile customers’ assets, properties, income, real estate, estates, and securities for clients who own property and other assets around the world.

For his role at The AUREA Multi-Family Office, Raffaele has a tremendous amount of experience. Raffaele Riva has developed and launched many businesses between the years 1997 and 2008. As a top executive of a multinational company doing business in various nations around the world, he gained a thorough understanding of global business operations. He collaborates with an amazing network of partners across the globe who offer their expertise in a variety of areas of interest to AUREA clients.

Before establishing AUREA, Raphael got his Master’s degree in accounting and completed two postgraduate programs. Afterward, he began working for a Big 4 company in Italy and the UK, with locations in Milan and Manchester, as an accountant and auditing specialist. Riva is a well-known multinational entrepreneur who speaks three languages well and holds dual citizenship in Switzerland and Italy. Visit this page for related information.


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