The Best Class Action Attorney in New York, Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde is an attorney committed to ensuring that aggrieved shareholders of public companies are represented in the best way possible. He is the founder of the New York-based law firm Monteverde & Associates PC. Most of the cases handled by Mr Monteverde and his law firm point towards cases of shareholders seeking damages due to unfairness experienced in public companies. As the lead attorney of the firm and has handled several of such cases, one of the things which Monteverde takes note of is that Corporate Fraud is evident from a majority of the cases he gets to handle.

The efforts and dedication of Juan Monteverde in his practice are evident from the lengths he can go to ensure his clients’ issues are addressed in the best way possible. He has represented his clients from the trial court to the supreme court. He is the one attorney in New York that is on a mission to pursue fairness by all means. Some of the clients he gets to represent are aggrieved from merger transactions. Mr Monteverde ensures that his clients are well represented and that such mergers are fair. Companies also get a chance to involve Monteverde’s services to avoid corporate fraud and avoid issues of unfairness to the shareholders.

One of the most significant contributions of Juan Monteverde to the securities law and class action suits niche is the public speaking lecturers he offers from time to time. Some of the platforms that have been lucky to have Mr Monteverde as a speaker are PLI, ACI and ABA. Those who don’t get a chance to attend the public speaking lecturers can choose to look at the various articles published by this outstanding attorney. Some of the topics he gets to cover in his publications are based on law and litigation.

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