Ryan Kavanaugh On His Next Entrepreneurial Frontier

The founder of Triller, the owner of the video-sharing social network, Ryan Kavanaugh, is exploring new ways to get Triller to deliver high-quality social experiences to its users. He is working with Snoop Dog, the rapper, the founder of The Fight Club, a professional boxing league set up recently.

The two icons in their fields combined The Fight Club and Triller to have their users experience boxing in a new way using videos on Triller. This combination aims to create a platform for users to experience boxing in a cinematic way, with more than fifty cameras providing different angles to the users of the app.

For revenues, this will revolutionize digital advertising since the advertisements that run on the app will be directed to the user without using restrictive platforms and rules. Ryan Kavanaugh says this is to be done to have the boxing legends, who appear on a Triller video, directly address the user and tell them to bet or text them using a number on that video. This is more effective than product placement or image-based advertising like what is used on other popular social media forms such as Instagram.

Triller held a joint Fight Club event in April 2021, which featured big musical stars such as Justin Bieber, Saweetie, and a host of others in a streaming event. The event lasted a day in which one million people streamed it live after paying fifty dollars each. In July, Triller signed a deal with Madison Square Garden company to have night boxing sessions every Tuesday. Ryan Kavanaugh is on to something big.

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