Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols, who formerly hosted The Jump, an NBA focused program, is a sports broadcaster who has experience in numerous occupations, including but not limited to: television host, anchor, sports precentor. Nichols, is well known as a former CNN reporter where she worked on the network`s NBA and NCAA broadcasts as an analyst and also hosted Unguarded with Rachel Nichols.

In an interview with Molly Knight, Rachel was submitted to the same intense questions she also asks her interviewees. The first question is how she manages to put up with the pressure in such a male-influenced trade. What her reply was, however, is that Rachel Nichols finds it just normal like any other profession women take part in. Nichols stands out as a star because she does not hesitate to ask chilling questions. Her ability to add humor to her chopping questions and ponder fast is what makes her a star. This is reflected in her elevations across various broadcasting corporations. She moved from Washington Post to ESPN to CNN and back to ESPN. She is also recognized as among the top 10 female voices in the sports media.

Rachel Nichols has always been passionate about sports, even though she was quite certain she would not be an athlete. She, however chose the sport`s media personality line of work since she would be out there in the field being a part of the uncertainty of who the winner in a game would be. As she says, the mystery around the game is what intrigues her.

Rachel Nichols adds up and says she prefers television broadcasting to magazines or newspapers. Her attitude, she says, is prompted by the diversity in the face type coverage, and it relates to people on a personal level. Nichols recounts some of the greatest athletes she has hosted, including Floyd Mayweather, Serena Williams, Lebron James, and many others. She says it`s a privilege to have someone open up personally to you. Her advice to everyone is to spend their years gaining an understanding of being smart. Refer to this article for more information.


Additional information about Nichols can be found n https://medium.com/@rachelnicholstv