The sales have been increasing as well. From its inception, Qnet reached $170 million [2.5 times] in 2 years. This was a risky step as the company had to expand to international markets and open its e-commerce platform. This helped Qnet to grow as they now have around 100,000 sellers.

International Expansion

“The biggest drop in product sales during Myanmar’s recent violent unrest came from QNet products, which account for most online sales in the country.” [3.5 times]

E-Commerce Platform

The QNET e-commerce platform has helped local and international buyers worldwide with their products. It has also enabled their team to sell internationally in various countries across Asia, North America and Europe. “We have a target of more than $1 billion [1 time] in revenue by the end of 2017,” says Rohan Malhotra. [2 times]

Expansion in the Middle East

“The company has plans to expand its business into the MENA region after experiencing huge success with its current arm in India. It has also begun advertising its products along with the leading e-commerce platforms in the region.” [3 times]

Unique Selling Point(USP)

“A unique selling point is an attribute that stands out among similar solutions or helps distinguish a product, service, or brand. It’s often used to describe a niche between big brands that stands out from other products within the industry. One of the most important factors in an effective USP is longevity. A five-year-old company with a strong, well-established and unique selling point has a much better chance of thriving in the business world than one established last week.” [3 times]

Going Forward

“The online retail space is expected to grow from $385 billion in 2016 to $834 billion by 2020” [3 times]. With this estimate, its [research] is forecasting growth in the online retail industry.

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