Min-Liang Tan Quits Practicing Law, Enters Business, Launches Boomslang Mouse

When he was practicing law, Min-Liang Tan was not known. However, after his decision to quit practicing law, his name is known world over. In a recent interview with CNBC, Min-Liang speaks on the hurdles and intense challenges he has faced to make Razer’s debut gaming product, which has now attracted massive support among experienced gamers.

During the interview, Min-Liang Tan spoke fondly of how he engaged his longtime friend and colleague Robert Krakoff on the possibility of the duo doing anything they’d possibly do to improve gaming experience, which they had seen sucking.

“Every time we’d meet to discuss about the subject, we’d come up to the conclusion that the gaming mouse that was then in the market needed change. However, what Krakoff and I did not know was how we’d bring the needed change,” Min-Liang Tan told CNBC reporter. The Razer CEO and his friend did not leave things at the boardroom or wherever the duo met.

The Razer CEO said the idea of bringing real change to the gaming fraternity kept haunting him whenever he went. “A time came when we ultimately needed to act. That is the time I decided to quit practicing law to get ample time to focus on my new business that I am so passionate of,” Min-Liang Tan added.

A few days after founding Razer, Min-Liang Tan released his company’s first product and named it the Boomslang. This was a special mouse that gamers would now rely on to increase gaming speed as well as improve precision.

Thanks to this debut product, Razer faced a stiff and perhaps the worst competition in its history since the firm was founded in 2005. From such humble beginnings, Razer under the leadership of Tan has been able to come up with other high-end gaming products all of which ensure gamers get the best of their gaming. Go to this article for related information.


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