Mahmoud Khattab among the 2021 CEO's growth

Previous CEO missions were centered around covid-19 contributions. Companies and manufacturers used their resources to provide equipment to combat covid-19. Transportation companies contributed airplanes to carry ventilators, clothing companies manufactured masks, and chemical companies made hand sanitizers.

Now expecting a fast-paced recovery since 2021, CEOs are moving forward and seeking alternate markets for growth outside of covid-19. Another shift moving forward is the focus on the workforce rather than cost management. Mahmoud Khattab is one of many CEOs to support this shift. As CEO of Precision MD located in California, Mahmoud believes in the idea of hiring knowledgeable and trustworthy staff. Skilled talent will help Mahmoud Khattab and other CEOs meet their goals and cost cuts will have to take a back seat to this shift.

With the changes mentioned, the majority of CEOs are shown to be leading to market investments in digital capabilities. Areas of support that Ceos currently lean on such as people and culture and information technology, were backed by a smaller percentage of CEOs this time around. The advancement of digital capabilities would be an easy rise in growth for companies. Even CEO Mahmoud Khattab utilizes Google services and analytics for everything. As digital ambitions rise, property, facility, and capital equipment see drops. However, although CEOs see digital growth, they are not hesitant to bring on talent. Like other CEOs, Mahmoud Khattab keeps that mindset open as he knows employees are very important and have to be successful. The future for CEOs seem to be on the rise and headed in the right direction as they seek alternate growth markets and apply workforce priority and digital ambition.

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