Joseph Ashford Ellis Successful Professional Journey

Joseph Ashford Ellis is the CEO and Founder of K4 Global, a media advisory firm based in Bournemouth, England. He started working at K4 Global in 2014 after working his way up the corporate ladder in various companies. Having operated both in trenches and at the top, he has vast knowledge. Joseph Ashford Ellis is very active in the marketing industry despite his age.

To the ultimate benefit of all stakeholders, Joseph persists in providing capital to new and current UK ventures while branching out into selected international markets. His team is comprised of the most highly qualified and experienced professionals. He is responsible for strategic marketing, public affairs, and event management for the entertainment industry. Regarding crisis management, asset protection, and security, the firm operates with corporations and high-profile people in these fields and more

With this philosophy in mind, Joseph’s Bournemouth businesses always look for ways to go above and beyond for their customers, which often means developing a unique strategy for needs. Joseph makes it a point to instill this client-focused mentality in all of his employees by setting an example that others can follow.

Joseph Ashford Ellis is also a philanthropist. His businesses support some charitable causes, more so the Butterfly Foundation, which he started after learning about the plight of Mason White, a young child who has EB. Persons with EB grow blisters and painful sores as a result of friction. When they appear on the esophagus or inside the mouth, these sores significantly increase the risk of cancer. As a result of the Butterfly Foundation’s efforts, the quality of life of EB patients is improved.

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