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Jason Hope received a bachelor’s degree in finance, and went on to earn an MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business. As time has gone on Jason Hope has extended his reach and influence beyond business and finance. He has spent time focusing on innovative fields in technology, such as the Internet of Things and funding programs that research anti-aging medicine. He is also a philanthropist, and has donated to organizations like the T Gen Foundation, Family Health International, and the Boys and Girls Club. With all this experience Jason Hope has put together, he has come up with five tips that will assist people in their success.


Jason Hope


The first tip is to set the tone for the day. He suggests starting with physical activity and a healthy breakfast, then moving on to a daily work routine that allows you to have a productive beginning to your day. Jason Hope considers routines like these to be very important. He also believes in having a balance between physical and digital routines. The next tip is to not complicate things. Jason suggests that by simplifying and communicating ideas, they have a better chance to become fruitful. 


Hope has utilized this approach when assessing IoT devices and technology. The next tip is to not spend a lot of time thinking about failure. Failure is something that is going to happen, and it is better to learn from it than to dwell on it. According to the successful activist investor, with IoT there have been many challenges that the technology has faced, but it does not decrease the optimism of its potential. The fourth tip by Jason Hope is the importance of online marketing and digital and social media marketing. The final tip is focusing on the big picture, and not small stressful details. Hope uses this when focusing on anti-aging technology. 

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