Jason Hope Believes in Bitcoin — and Other Crypto

For Jason Hope, being a futurist means that one has to consider the vast implications of blockchain technology. Of course, crypto is powered by the blockchain. And big thinkers like Jason Hope do not become too concerned when the price of crypto takes a temporary nosedive. According to Hope, in fact, these types of shifts in the landscape are to be expected as mass adoption begins to swirl around the planet. 


Jason Hope on Cryptocurrency


Even in the face of setbacks, such as China banning all crypto, Hope believes that the blockchain will ultimately prevail. Indeed, successful businessman Jason Hope has a few reasons for why he believes that crypto will continue to flourish — even amid potentially nebulous market circumstances. First, the activist investor sees the fact that crypto fees are low. Jason Hope believes that this is a positive thing, as exorbitant fees can be a factor that sometimes prevent people from sending funds. Although this is an area that the crypto space is currently working on — an update coming up shortly promises to slash ETH gas prices. 


This is generally acknowledged that people using cryptocurrencies do not want to be paying high fees for the privilege. Another wonderful aspect of crypto that successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hope likes is the security (Openthenews). 

After all, when customers are entering their credit cards into multiple websites, it is only a matter of time before their information may be compromised. With crypto, meanwhile, this issue simply doesn’t exist. Crypto holders simply use their private keys whenever they want to access their funds, and none of this information should be relayed online in an insecure manner. Furthermore, Jason Hope also believes that the future of investing lies in crypto when it comes to private capital. All in all, he envisions a very rosy picture indeed.