How to Build Company Values and Culture: Joseph Ashford’s Story

Joseph Ashford trusts that if you can create a meaningful vision for what you want to see the business grow into, then you are setting up the team members for success, no matter what the obstacles. Joseph Ashford understands that his company’s culture of mutual trust, respect, and determination directly impacts his employees’ fulfillment.

He wants to help his team members develop into the best version of themselves and be accountable for their own mistakes. Joseph Ashford is adamant that cultivating passion in his employees is a way of life and a foundational part of his company’s culture. He also believes in embracing his values by sharing them with his team to reap the benefits.

Ashford also understands that a company’s values are as important as its mission, and K4’s mission to “Discover and Convey its value” is deeply personal. Ashford (London) strongly believes that the experience of finding an investment opportunity and the subsequent benefits for investors should be first and foremost the company’s values. Joseph Ashford also advises that while values are a solid foundation for building a company’s culture, employees need to flex those values when needed. After the company was founded in 2016, Ashford took some time to set the tone for what he wanted from his organization. Having worked with dozens of startups, he knew the importance of a company’s values from the beginning and more

When he first started, he didn’t spend much time defining values. It was important to him to have a “self-awareness of the situation” and work from that angle. Now, he’s certain that they are the most important component of the company and that without them, they can’t be operated appropriately.

Joseph Ashford explained the importance of creating company values in an interview with The Muse. “To build a culture that’s an extension of the business’s mission, one needs to understand what your team is driven to, as well as understand what drives you,” he said.

“Having a corporate culture that creates real value for our customers, employees, and business partners is paramount,” says a London businessperson. “At K4 Global, we create value for our clients by providing them with outstanding customer service and growth opportunities, and then we give our employees that same opportunity while ensuring they have a great experience,” added Joseph Ashford.