How OmboriGrid and Etihad Airways are partnering to bring smart recycling kiosks to Abu Dhabi.

OmboriGrid and Etihad Airways are working together to bring smart recycling kiosks to Abu Dhabi. The recycling kiosks will enable passengers to recycle their materials without leaving their houses. This is a great opportunity for Abu Dhabi residents to learn about the benefits of waste management and for Etihad Airways to market the city of Abu Dhabi as a place where there are plenty of resources to be found.

Etihad aims to achieve zero emissions by 2050. Through the partnership with Ombori, Etihad can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability through innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Also, Ombori achieves sustainability goals by implementing new technologies such as Smart Waste Collection Systems (SWCS).

The first phase of this project includes the installation of 20 recycling kiosks across Abu Dhabi during the sustainability week. Each kiosk has been designed to make it easy for passengers to recycle their plastic bottles or aluminum cans. Passengers can scan their items into the machine using their mobile phone, automatically computing their fee based on weight. At the end of each day, the passenger’s recyclable items can be collected in an empty container located at the kiosk.

This partnership between Etihad Airways and OmboriGrid demonstrates how airlines lead the way in sustainable initiatives. For example, Etihad is currently rolling out LED lighting throughout all its aircraft and ground equipment worldwide to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Ombori is making it easier for Etihad to achieve this goal, demonstrating what a small company can do when partnered with a major airline like Etihad.

Ombori has always worked to ensure the safety of people and improve the environment. Over the years, they have successfully provided various solutions to public institutions, hotels, universities, airports, and other companies. Furthermore, they. They aim to continuously develop our services to benefit our customers and society in general by reducing pollution and improving air quality.