How Citizen App Was Started

The mobile application industry is an industry that has quickly revolved over the years. This is because of the rise of both purchase of mobile phones and increase of use of phones as a mode of entertainment. It has quickly been discovered that mobile phones serve a great purpose through use of applications. The applications have also become a faster way to connect with many people easily.

This is how the developers of Citizen App decided to create a mobile application that will develop avenues that will enhance a level of safety for its users. It has distinguished its woks of service by providing free access to communications and alerts that are specifically tuned to one’s location and inform of any security threat. The application provides its services efficiently through its features and characteristics. Here is how the features work to improve app efficiency.

Location and Contact Access In The Citizen App

A new user will be required to allow Citizen App access to the mobile phone’s location and contacts. Access to location will enable a user to receive timely notifications that inform of incidents that occur in close proximity to where the user is. Enabling access to contacts will allow the user’s family and friends to be informed in case the user is in an unsafe situation and may require their attention.

SafeTrace Feature

The SafeTrace feature is specifically related to giving Covid-19 updates. It is able to do so through access to contacts from the user’s mobile phone that will inform the user if any of the contacts are positive for the virus. The feature also gives updates on available hospitals that provide medical assistance relating to Covid-19.

Map Feature

This feature has the option of giving a user access to view helicopters. This will allow users to be informed in case of any chase that is occurring between criminals and law enforcement. This assists users in being in safe positions that will not hinder the chase or become victims. Read more about Citizen App, here.


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