Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Commitment to Provide Telecommunications Services that Brought Him Success

Brazil’s Haroldo Jacobovicz chose a career path that concentrates on making technological transformations. He gained the knowledge and expertise for changing the technologies from the different company departments that he headed. From a young age, Mr. Jacobovicz learned the benefits of technology to business operations. He joined the University for a civil engineering Degree.

While still at the University, Haroldo teamed up with three of his peers to start a Microsystem firm in Curitiba. The company shared insights with entrepreneurs on improving their inventory management. Although the company was closed shortly after, Mr. Jacobovicz gained numerous lessons from it. He later used the knowledge to transform the information technology industry.

Later, he worked as Esso’s sales representative, market analyst, and later its commercial strategist. After leaving Esso, he got employment in various organizations as a financial expert. He used the experience and skills acquired from different companies to transform all those that employed him. Haroldo Jacobovicz ensured that he changed the livelihoods of Curitiba residents who depended on the companies he served.

He later started Horizon Telecom after gaining enough management and telecommunications knowledge. The company is one of the best in Brazil and its surroundings. It supplies customers with 100% fiber-optic networks and the best IT equipment in the market. In 2020, he established Datacenter, which he used to supply upcoming technologies in the market. It provides customers with cloud computing services.

Since Haroldo Jacobovicz admired his parents when he was young, he pursued civil engineering just like them. After performing excellently in his high school studies, Haroldo joined the Federal University of Parana and attained a degree in civil engineering. While pursuing civil engineering, Haroldo gained a love for information technology and decided to concentrate on it. That would later help him achieve the success he boasts today. Through an expansion strategy, Horizon Telecom purchased Onda in 2020. Datacenter focuses on providing customers with digital services, which are beneficial to them.

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