Greg Blatt Career Journey Progression

Greg Blatt was born and brought up in the suburbs of Boston. Growing up, Greg had no dreams of venturing into leadership or law. Him enrolling in college was not a self-driven choice to pursue his dreams but just because he had to attend college. In his early years as a student, he didn’t prove good academic performance in his studies. During his college years at Colgate University, he specialized as an English major and economics minor. Greg was still not convinced about what career path he wanted to take all through his college life.

Although Greg improved his academic performance while in college, he had not yet decided what path to pursue in his career. After his graduation, as he had no plan for what he wanted to do, he joined his friend who was relocating to Telluride, Colorado. He spent 2 years there taking odd jobs and traveling a bit as he still tried to figure out what he wanted his career to translate into and more

Greg Blatt realized how much passion he had when the idea of law crossed his mind. He enrolled at Columbia Law School and enjoyed corporate 1999, Greg started serving at Martha Stewart Living as a general Counsel. After working four years at Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Greg Blatt was no longer interested in corporate law and moved to the tech and entertainment has been among the first modern dating platforms that took over the internet.

Greg Blatt joined AIC, a larger company focused on early adopters of business models. While at AIC, Greg’s role was more based on the legal side matters, and he was actively involved in administrative matters, which gave him vast experience and understanding to become the next CEO of Blatt has been an integral part of the Match Group to facilitate its growth.