Giving It A Go: Barry Lall

Barry Lall is the type of person who learned early on to take a chance when it was presented to him. He knew he wanted to help people, and make them happy. He was able to go school and work hard. Then he saw an opening for a sale of a motel in 1989. He took the chance, and he made it a success. His company is called Pinnacle Hotels, and he been at the top of his game for the last thirty years. He has no plans to slow down anytime soon. He loves what he does each day.

Dr. Barry Lall says that his business continues to grow. He does not want to stay static. He is always looking to improve the business in any area that he can. He wants to have the best people around him. He wants his employees to srtrive to be the best that they can be. That is the mantra that he wants them to follow.

If he had to do it over again Barry Lall says that he would focus on more networking strategies in his early days. He realizes now with the poewer of the internet how vital it can be for a business to grow. He was able to learn as he went, and has been grateful for the employees who have stood by him.

If Barry Lall could teach one thing to future business leaders, then it would have to be how to focus on important details. He says that it can apply to personal, as well as business lives. Learning how to say “no” is also a crucial thing. This is what he has applied over thirty years in the business world. He is doing his best to make sure future leaders have the necessary tools to succeed.

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