Andrew Lazarus, a Well-Known Hotelier Based in Sydney

Andrew Lazarus recently bought Merewether, a beach hotel.

The hotel is among the high-end beach hotels in Newcastle.

Moreover, Andrew Lazarus is a well-known hotelier based in Sydney. He bought the hotel at an unmentioned multi-million dollars.

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The well-recognized venue has been for more than 40 years owned and managed by Twohill and Bale families.

Although the selling price of the hotel is yet to be disclosed, Andrew Lazarus mentioned that he was ready to do anything possible that would enable him to own the hotel.

Notably, his family is said to have been desiring to own the hotel for the past few years.

Andrew Lazarus’s family has been in the hospitality industry for almost 30years.

While in this sector, they have owned and seen the operations of various hospitality venues.

The hotel groups on the eastern side operate an assets portfolio that incorporates The Vauxhall Inn, Hamilton, Warwick Farm, The Exchange Hotel, and Granville.

The director of this group is Peter Lazarus.

He played a significant role in the renovation activities of the family’s Shoal Bay Country Club.

Moreover, he will oversee the daily operations of the newly acquired beach hotel.

The hotel is an outstanding one in Newcastle that will bring considerable revenue to Andrew Lazarus’s family.

Additionally, the beach hotel has an attractive location.

It overlooks one of the nation’s most beautiful beaches.

The beach had gained a considerable population since when it was opened.

The hotel has expansive verandas that overlook the area’s surf beach near Newcastle CBD’s center.

Andrew Lazarus’s family said that they were considering refurbishing; however, they wanted to spare time and consult architects and the community before arriving at refurbishing decisions.

Nevertheless, Twohill, the hotel’s long-term owner, reported that he was not fully decided to sell the property because he had been operating it for a period spanning 30 years.

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