Alfons Hörmann’s View on the Future of Germany Sports

Businessman and sports official Alfons Hörmann was born in Berlin, Germany, on September 6, 1960. From 2005 to 2013, he was the German Ski Association’s president. He has served as the head of the Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund since December 7, 2013. As a member of ZDF’s Television Council and ZDF Program Committee and the president of the German Sports Confederation, Hörmann is involved in sports and sports-related television shows.

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Alfons Hörmann talked about the future of German sports and its reform. According to him, school sports and swimming are shocking because of bureaucracy that impedes progress. He challenged the ministry of the interior that the success of German sport would depend on the interference of the state and the officials in ten years.

Many of his colleagues in German sports professional organizations and state sports federations who work in sports policy would have to agree with Alfons Hörmann’s assessment. Various organizations have been fighting behind the scenes for the future of sports and events in Germany for quite some time now, and their efforts have been mixed between constructive and desperate.

Many contenders are interested in presenting their knowledge to the selection panel under the guidance of Christian Wulff and hoping to inherit Hörmann’s legacy. To confront the threat of state autonomy in sport, which is Hörmann’s scenario, those who need political support for their main plans should be able to work together and exhibit diplomatic skills.

The DOSB is being pushed to meet the growing need of society to integrate sport with climate protection. There is a proposal to develop a competitive sports corporation and to agree with BMI employees after a long time of estrangement that major involvement in the existing operation of sports is no longer necessary, and may even be harmful.