Alddo Molinar is the Medical Director of Anesthesia

Alddo Molinar is an anesthesiologist at East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley Medical Center. The medical practitioner was born and reared in Texas, the oldest son of two Mexican immigrants. Alddo Molinar was the first American citizen in his extended family, and he intended to take advantage of the opportunity afforded by his family’s new nation of residency. Many people think of medical school as the first step in becoming a doctor when they think of the career path. 


Medical school is an integral part of the journey, but it is only one part of a much longer process. A doctor’s journey often begins with a natural aptitude and desire to relieve suffering, as we can see from Alddo Molinar’s life. That was a trait that the doctor displayed at an early age. As a child, he was inspired to help others recover from illness because it impacted his family members. Because of this desire and his early mechanical abilities, Alddo Molinar was able to form early career goals. Following that early interest, the doctor went on to get an undergraduate degree in biology. 


Alddo Molinar at Ohio Valley Medical Center


This, before Alddo Molinar began attending medical school at The University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas. Though these were significant events in his life, his residency at the Cleveland Clinic provided him with some of the most impactful instruction. The medical facility assisted the doctor in gaining a more comprehensive grasp of his central area of anesthesiology and various subspecialties such as neurology and cardiology.

The doctor reflects on his life thus far and realizes that what he initially saw as a goal has evolved into a continuous voyage of discovery. This journey is based on the ideals he was taught at a young age and continues to guide him on his quest for personal growth. To become one of the best players of all time, Alddo Molinar had to devote all of his time to studying and preparing. To maintain his concentration and drive to provide the best possible treatment for his patients, the doctor sets a high bar for himself in personal readiness.