A Kuwaiti Businessman – Abdulla Al Humaidi, Founder and CEO of the European Holding Company: How His Journey Started

Abdulla Al Humaidi was born in Kuwait in 1955 and was the son of an oil businessman. He has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. While working as a finance manager, he took advantage of the Kuwaiti European Holding company’s international projects and exposure to go out and learn about various business opportunities. In 1992, Abdulla Al Humaidi set up a company and its first investment was an insurance company. 


In 1996, he started a joint venture with the Japanese electronics giant NEC. This partnership was restructured and, after some years of successful growth, the JV was acquired by NEC. In 2002, Abdulla Al Humaidi became CEO of Al Mudon Group. This is a company providing hotel and leisure services, such as food and beverage and entertainment facilities, across Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Oman. Why was KEH established? Abdulla Al Humaidi said, “In 2008, the idea came to me of starting a European holding company. 


I truly believe the GCC is not well developed, and that the region still has to learn and experience its future as an independent economic and cultural entity. The successful emergence of the Islamic economy also makes me believe that the region is ripe for foreign investors.” “I want to bring foreign capital and expertise to the GCC, and make it a regional hub for business in the Islamic economy“. Abdulla Al Humaidi said, “The aim of the entity is to acquire assets or investments, create operating companies, or partner with international players in areas like financial services, healthcare, tourism and leisure, education, and information technology.”

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