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Data Systems International provides companies with cloud-based solutions and mobile-first supply chain applications to realize the digital economy. Without ideal preparations, it will be difficult to achieve the necessary material balance in the warehouse, and the entire on-site inventory management process will be at risk. Therefore, any activity or process requires the necessary preparation capabilities in the process of playing a key role in eliminating all losses.

Most global enterprise manufacturing companies, plus manufacturing customers, and even hundreds of supply chain professionals have been on the cloud since the inception of Cloud Inventory, including AHR Expo, one of the largest in the world. When paired with the lean transformation process, Cloud Inventory assists companies with strategies to decrease the cost of doing business and increase margins while improving employee productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

Cloud Inventory system is a huge advantage for manufacturers and distributors, enabling them to integrate warehouse, store and SKU management with POS and web-based systems and optimizes inventory across the entire supply chain. With the Cloud Inventory solution, RSCS can view multiple vendors’ products and rates for any item in the warehouse as well as view online product pricing.

The solution allows the warehouse to track Field Inventory Management levels in real time as well as apply price changes across the supply chain. Cloud Inventory reduces the risk of costly shipment returns by simplifying pricing on items and products. Expanding on its ability to track inventory, equipment Trends to Watch In 2019 Retail CIOs focus on 3 main areas in the year ahead:



Operational efficiency Retailers are striving to enhance their supply chains, but they face unique challenges to scaling.

“In an increasingly digital marketplace, having to update and manage manual processes is a negative for manufacturers and distributors,” said Rich D’Amico, chief product officer at DSI. “The cloud is the only place to house all of the data and it is up to DSI to make this a great environment for business users to work from, while also providing powerful compliance and reporting for compliance.” Refer to this article for more information.


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