Tieks, The World’s Most Adaptable Designer Flats

Tieks are compact and foldable, created from the highest quality Italian leather. With their split bottom and pliable midsole, the flats are designed to adapt to the shape of the wearer’s foot and move with them as they walk. To ensure that convenience and chicness are never out of reach, you can carry them in a handbag or luggage. Thanks to the ingenious design.

The elasticized rear can get uncomfortable after prolonged wear, so the manufacturer designed each pair’s back with a cushion. The insoles are crafted from a high-tech foam that offers long-lasting comfort and support.

A blue hue has been applied to thick non-skid rubber outsole patches. The brown leather in the shoe’s midsole has been given a particular treatment to make it both flexible and resilient, allowing the wearer to fold and unfold the shoe as many times as desired without damage.

Tieks come in over 60 different Prints, Patents, and Classics, so there’s a pair for any outfit and event. The timeless design, made from the finest Italian leather and materials, allows you to easily go between seasons without compromising comfort or elegance.

Each Tieks pair needs a single piece of leather cut and sewn together by hand. It is treated to stretch and conform to the shape of your foot. Blue rubber outsole patches, this split-sole design can be folded up and stored easily.

The brown leather in the shoe’s midsole has been treated to make it flexible and robust, so the shoe can bend and flex with the foot as you walk. Instead of an elastic band, the rear of every pair is padded to provide gentler Achilles support. It also prevents the shoe from being overly snug.

The insoles of a Tieks shoe are hand-stitched from authentic leather. The insoles are made from highly developed foam that provides cushioning and support for long. Making a pair involves more than 150 stages and three work days. Since they are hand-made from the highest quality leathers and fabrics, you can wear them comfortably for a long. Refer to this page on LinkedIn, for related information.


Visit their page on https://tieks.com/, to learn more.