Ryan Bishti is a New York City-based Entrepreneur and Restaurateur

Whether you’re creating your recipe or simply refinishing the existing menu of an existing business, there are certain factors that each chef needs to consider. For example, would patrons prefer their steaks medium rare or well done? How about their French fries, crisp or soft? Developing a successful strategy is paramount if you own a restaurant and want to improve your business. Relying on trial and error is one way to go, but it could also backfire. Instead, implementing a systematic growth plan will ensure that your business thrives over time. Here is an outline of Ryan Bishti’s Four Core Pillars at Universal Cravings.

  1. Finding the Niche

When Universal Cravings first opened in 2013, the concept was to offer specialty pizzas to people who wanted a unique experience. The idea of providing pizza made with unique toppings such as ostrich and quail eggs were a novelty for customers. Since then, the menu has expanded to include burgers and tacos, but the pizza remains its primary focus. For example, one of the only restaurants in New York City offers a vegan version of the classic Margherita pizza.

  1. Building the Brand

When the first location opened, it was a small space with seating for only a limited number of diners. The restaurant has since expanded and now houses an additional seating area with more than 100 seats. On top of that, the menu has been expanded to include new items such as ceviche and fried rice. Once you’ve found your niche, you need to innovate and rebuild your brand. “A clear business identity isn’t just for the business owner; it guides your niche and tells the story of your business to clients and investors,” says Bishti. “A restaurant without a brand identity is like a car without a license plate. It’s just sitting there without any purpose.”

Ryan Bishti is a New York City-based entrepreneur and restaurateur. He is the founder of Universal Cravings, a popular restaurant in NYC. He has also opened two additional restaurant locations, one in New Jersey and another in Chicago. Ryan Bishti is an active member of the NYC Tech community and serves on the New York Tech Meetup Group (NYTM) board of directors.

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