Roy Beck

Roy Beck is an anti-immigration activist, founder of NumbersUSA and co-founder of The Social Contract Press, former executive director of the Oregonian Media Group, and owner of a small computer company. Beck is probably best known for his “The Case Against Immigration,” published in 1993 by W. W. Norton & Co., Inc., New York City, NY.

An ardent opponent of the Bush administration’s guest worker program, Roy Beck calculated that its passage would have reduced the U.S population by nearly 20% over the next eighty years (estimated to be 800 million people). He also warned that it would mean 50 million new immigrants from Latin America and Asia over this period (a total increase of 20%). Beck also predicted that the guest worker program would result in the unlawful entry or overstay of up to 100 million additional people (for a total of 300 million).

Roy Beck has been at the forefront of efforts to end illegal immigration by arguing against amnesty, demanding enforcement of existing laws and border security, and opposing increased legal immigration. Beck has argued that illegal immigrants are not pro-life because they don’t care if they kill themselves in transit through their countries of origin.

Roy Beck has also argued that attempts to assimilate illegal immigrants degrade American culture, politics, and economy, stating, “They brought with them their Third World values which most Americans do not hold.

Now, if Americans are not unusual, where is home for the rest of this world? It’s here in America.” Beck has also argued that immigration causes wage stagnation and unemployment for American citizens, stating that “By the way, this immigration issue has a lot to do with those wage issues. We know that’s true. Every time you import a worker, you suppress all wages below that skill level,”. Roy Beck said he favored guest-worker plans but only as a stop-gap measure to help industries that rely upon immigrant labor survive until the United States can enforce its borders. Refer to this article for additional information.


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