Roy Beck

Roy Beck, the president of NumbersUSA, has a long history of activist work on behalf of Americans. Beck is an expert on anti-immigration, fighting for the idea that low-skill immigrant labor should be banned to stop the exploitation of American workers.

The ideas presented in this blog are not new, but they are still powerful and relevant today. Although they may seem foreign to some, it is important to understand what Roy Beck believes so we can share his thoughts and have a more active voice on immigration issues.

Roy Beck believes uncontrolled immigration is America’s single most destructive issue. He believes the U.S. needs to control its borders and reduce immigration from foreign countries. We must focus on issues, not people, which is what Roy Beck does for a living.

Regarding America’s increasing wealth of countries, it is important to understand why Roy believes what he does. According to Mr. Beck, the biggest challenges to the United States are illegal immigration and Americans’ poor quality of life.

Roy Beck says it is time to end the decades of massive low-skill immigration destroying our economy and America’s future. The huge numbers of immigrants entering every year have helped drop wages and benefits for Americans while also imposing an enormous fiscal burden on our country. There are more than 80 million working-age adult immigrants in this country; if legal immigration is not stopped, there will soon be more than one hundred million immigrants in the United States by 2050. We cannot afford this. Continued mass immigration will inevitably destroy America.

Mr. Beck says that we need to break the myth that low-skill immigrants are taking jobs from Americans. The biggest problem with low-skill immigration is not the jobs they take; instead, it is the fact that the U.S. does not have enough high-paying jobs for Americans to fill. Most immigrants are extremely hard workers, and many are willing to work for much less pay than Americans. In turn, this causes hardships for American families and businesses, who will also be affected if wages fall too low and profits plummet. Follow this page on Twitter, for related information.


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