Richard DeVaul On Deepfakes

A documentary featuring the life and devastating death of the late chef and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain has been released. Roadrunner features Anthony Bourdain narrating an email sent to a friend. Although his voice is ever-present throughout the documentary, the lines where he narrates an email are unique as he never spoke them.

Morgan Neville, the director of Roadrunner, got these unique from a ton of hours of Bourdain’s recorded speaking. Little of this was known until he was featured in a New Yorker article. He said that he wanted Bourdain’s voice to be on that dialogue, but he couldn’t any audio to extract. That’s when he opted to utilize AI tool deepfake technology.

Richard DeVaul argues that deepfake technology can create a threat to the world and may as well be the most disruptive learning technology having shortcomings that no one can counter impacts. Another concerned party is The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

Deepfakes can be defined as a video with a digital alteration in either the person’s face or voice to appear as someone else. The definition is, however, broadening to include audio. DeVaul was the first to define deepfake back in 2011, working at Google X when Project Brain was forming, later introducing the machine learning revolution.

Richard DeVaul is a research scientist and innovation professional. He is equipped with experience from decades of hands-on engineering, executive, and operational experience.

He started working at X, formerly GoogleX, which has led to the development of many big projects. Go here for related Information.


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