Molekule: Innovative Sleep

Clean air quality is critical for respiratory health and getting higher quality sleep. Molekule is a new air purifier that helps you achieve that. You might find that after a night’s sleep you may wake up with congested. The Molekule is said to help ease those symptoms by clearing the air or harmful compounds and leading to better sleep. The Molekule also uses the latest technology with the PECO filter, which eliminates harmful organic compounds found in the air more efficiently than other competing filters. Featuring a sleek design and quality design, the Molekule will not be an eye sore in the room, unlike other air purifiers. The packaging, the small details in the design and quality of the materials add to the experience, as well. The Molekule is connected to an app, which is very helpful in walking you through the set up process. The only downside is the light that turns on while the purifier is working; however, there is a night mode option available to combat this problem. Also, there is a smaller version of the Molekule available for those looking for a something that does not take up as much space. Overall, Molekule seem to have thought of every detail when creating this air purifier making this something worth spending your money on when wanting to improving your sleep and air quality.