Miki Agrawal Partners With Mindvalley to Launch Work Plan for Budding Entrepreneurs

Miki Agrawal is the co-founder of Thinx, a social enterprise based in New York. The company, founded in 2013, provides reusable underwear and other solutions that can replace tampons and pads. She is also an author of several books that cover topics driven to help entrepreneurs succeed in their mission.

Miki has faced a lot of challenges in her entrepreneurial journey. She likes to share her experience with aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to help them learn about how to plan their success to the end.


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Roadmap for Budding Start-Ups on Mindvalley

Miki Agrawal understands that most aspiring entrepreneurs often get stuck when transforming their business ideas into reality. The successful social entrepreneur believes that planning to the end is the key to making use of your brilliant business concept. It helps new entrepreneurs to avoid those mishaps that can make them get discouraged in between the process.

In her attempt to motivate entrepreneurs who are facing challenges trying to accomplish their goals, Miki Agrawal has launched a concept that will help address those problems. She has formed a teaching partnership with Mindvalley, an innovative private development enterprise.

The Mindvalley Roadmap

Miki will use Mindvalley’s virtual platform to present her program called Zero to 100 Million. The seven-part program will explain the best concepts to launch a business. The program will teach entrepreneurs how to create, launch, and promote a brand.

About Zero to 100 Million

Zero to 100 Million is a learning program that starts with teaching learners how to visualize an idea and ends with product development. The program helps entrepreneurs understand why building a team can help them improve their odds of success. Miki Agrawal uses the program to explain the specific strategies that she used to market THINX. When advertising your brand on social media platforms, the message you convey should revolve around explaining your company’s mission.