Miki Agrawal business development

An author’s life includes gathering various aspects of society and putting them in one piece. These include looking into societal customs and taboos. While an author’s journey seems to be engraved in a book, many authors have engaged in different business journeys.

Miki Agrawal is among the top authors who have ventured into business. Through her business experience, Miki has engaged more than three business establishments. While starting her business, she received all sorts of opposition.


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But the business leader took the plunge and established her career in entrepreneurship. After gaining stability, the top entrepreneur decided to share her life experiences with others. Miki Agrawal wrote two books, “Quit the day and start your job” and “Live happily ever after”. Her main goal is to encourage people to take proactive steps to start their businesses.

Her third book” Disrupt Her: A manifesto for the modern woman” captures 13 facets of society. The book focuses on encouraging people to start their enterprises and explore various options in life.

In her book “Quit the day and start your job,” she focuses on maximizing hobbies to fulfill your goals. The top entrepreneur avails a proactive approach towards turning hobbies into realities. Miki Agrawal books target people who want to live life outside the box.

The entrepreneur gives life experiences and several tactics of approaching the modern market. These entail tips on starting a business with minimal financial resources and marketing tips. Recent college graduates and people who want to explore outside their careers can use the book.

“Disrupt her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman” is another combo touching on 13 conventions in society. She focuses on several factors influencing growth: money, career, purpose, complaints versus actions, and many more. She also avails tips on how to maneuver through the modern market as a businesswoman.