How Pam Baer has Impacted the Community in San Francisco

Pam Baer is undoubtedly an inspiration to many people, especially students, entrepreneurs and philanthropists throughout the region San Francisco. She has put into practice what she preaches – that success comes from giving back. Baer’s career has been diverse and full of exciting experiences. Through her non-profit organization, For Goodness Sake, she has impacted the lives of many, especially the sick and less privileged at San Francisco.


Pam Baer’s career path began over three decades ago after she graduated with honors in finance and marketing from the College of Texas, Austin. Pamela Baer entered the workforce to apply her knowledge and skills, and most importantly, to build a career in the financial industry. Her first job after graduation was with Citibank in New York City. However, it only took a year for Baer to move to San Francisco where she continued to work in finance.

Pam Baer’s decision to return to San Francisco opened more doors for her and allowed her to shine as a philanthropist. While working in the financial sector, Pamela Baer has founded her first non-profit organization, For Goodness Sake (FGS), to promote the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy at San Francisco.

Pam as founder and leader of For Goodness Sake.

Without a doubt, the success of FGS can be attributed in large part to Pam. The growth of FGS from a small non-profit organization to a well-known and established charity is largely due to Pam’s passion for volunteering, philanthropy and giving.

As part of her work for FGS, Pam has supported organizations such as the San Francisco Free Clinic and the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco. She has also mentored many young adults who look forward to fostering growing careers in a variety of fields. Pam is passionate about helping people with terminal illnesses and other medical issues. Visit this page for more information.


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