How Alex Pissios Has Impacted The Chicago Community Through Cinespace Chicago

Alex Pissios is the president and CEO of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. Pissios has received a lot of praise due to the work he has put in helping the Chicago community through Cinespace Chicago.

Alex Pissios grew up in a typical Greek American family in the Northwest side of Chicago. The top floor of the family home was shared by Pissios, his parents, and his two brothers; the second floor was occupied by his grandparents; while an aunt and uncle lived on the first floor.

Alex attended Northern Illinois University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature. While at school, Pissios dedicated most of his hours mentoring and working with a boy with autism.

At first, Pissios wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a special education teacher. However, he decided to take on another career path, and in 2003 he developed an interest in real estate and started developing houses around the United Center.

Alex Pissios’ life drastically changed in 2008 after the housing market bubble. The event led him to bankruptcy with his wife taking on the role of going to work while he stayed at home.

Alex’s demise did not last for long, though. At a family wedding, Alex met his uncle Nick Mirkopoulos who decided to help him with his financial predicaments. Nick was planning on expanding his film business to Chicago and he wanted Alex to be the head of it.

Since Cinespace Chicago was opened, it has been having unparalleled success with Alex at the helm. The studio has produced great blockbusters, including Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Dark Knight, Divergent, and Transformers. The studio is also responsible for providing employment opportunities to the Chicago community.

Alex Pissios also strives to change the world through his philanthropic acts. He partnered with Dick Wolf Films and NBC to establish CineCares Foundation; a program that provides youth with paid internships and assists them with career opportunities in the entertainment industry. More insights from Alex Pissios on Medium