Forex Trade Simplified At IM Academy

Growth in technology has seen most institutions incorporate e-learning. With the covid-19 pandemic, numerous learning institutions were closed down. IM Academy continued its operations as it an entirely digital learning academy. Founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry and De La Torre, the academy has grown to over 225000 customers. IM Academy’s primary objective is to equip students with all information on foreign exchange trading.

Students from all the continents interact with their trainers via the internet. All the academic materials, including pre-recorded videos and lessons, are downloadable, allowing students to learn at their own pace. To cater to language barriers and differences in time, all the one-hour-long classes are available in 13 languages, and the lessons are conducted on multiple days at different times. After each module, IM Academy students must excel in a mandatory test to proceed to the next stage. Additionally, all the information on lessons and the pre-recorded videos is readily available through the IM Academy mobile app.

The first academy is the FRX, where beginners are introduced to forex trade basics through goLive sessions and 76 pre-recorded videos. The trainers are available in each lesson and answer all the questions the students might have. HFX academy lessons provide all the information on high-frequency exchange. The learners must go through all the 95 pre-recorded videos to sit for a test. After that, they proceed to the DCX academy. The DCX module has 25 pre-recorded videos in addition to the goLive interactive session.

This module equips learners with knowledge on digital currency and everything that cryptocurrency. The ECX academy has 450 pre-recorded videos. In this program, students learn about e-commerce and how to build a successful digital business. As with the other programs, the ECX classes end with a quiz. The Elite Academy is a discounted package of the four academies. Students are expected to have all the correct information to venture confidently in forex trade at the end of the four modules. See for related information.

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