Evvy Explains the Symptoms of Vaginal Infections

Evvy Explains the Symptoms of Vaginal Infections

There are several different signs that a woman can display regarding sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Many women will not show any signs or symptoms regarding reproductive conditions. It’s something that many women don’t overthink, but it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Vaginal infections are common and relatively easy to treat. Evvy is a firm that specializes in understanding the female body and providing solutions.


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The different signs of vaginal infections include

Some of the symptoms of the infections, as discussed by Evvy, include:

Experiencing pain during intimacy

Soreness, swelling, and itching around the vaginal area

Burning or tingling sensation while peeing

Smelly discharge

The Right Treatment for Vaginal Infection

Vaginal infections can be treated effectively with antibiotic and non-antimicrobial medications.

Either chlamydia or gonorrhea causes the majority of bacterial infections. Other common conditions include trichomoniasis, the most common vaginitis, and may also cause abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Evvy has introduced an at-home vaginal test that aims at identifying the causes of the symptoms.


Infections of the female reproductive system are common and can cause a great deal of pain. Even minor infections can become chronic, especially when they lead to infertility or other problems with the reproductive system. Understanding what to look out for can go a long way to making sure they don’t get sick in the first place. If women feel that they may have a vaginal infection, they should tell their doctor so that the correct treatment can be given.

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