Companies And Businesses Are Exploiting The New Version Of Cloud Inventory Benefits

A leader in the cloud-based inventory software industry, DSI has released the new version of it. The software offers 3D scanning, advanced authentication, labeling, communication, photo and video capability, live documentation, and a design expert to help find an accurate inventory, time management, and employee control. You can validate specific files and manage source documents, from a supplier and package to pallet information and product code/tag information.

It is available in three versions, Field Inventory Management for manufacturers, distributors, and logistics, Field Inventory for retailers and manufacturers, and Cloud Inventory for distributors and manufacturers. Version 3.0 supports cloud-based inventory for all industries, integrates with warehouse management systems, and includes work order functionality. It is also part of the SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud, which simplifies manufacturing supply chain and operations management, and provides a holistic solution to manage inventory.

Cloud Inventory features complete control across the supply chain, regardless of where the inventory resides in the warehouse. Customers can build sophisticated business rules and processes by providing an interface with a powerful graphing engine. It enables users to make informed decisions on the most productive inventory SKU configurations, their maximum order quantity, changes in business requirements and trends, and forecasts.

With such powerful capabilities, It can answer complex questions in a way no warehouse management system or ERP solution could. In the end, this innovative technology provides a proper end-to-end solution from order to delivery for manufacturers and distributors worldwide. It already has thousands of customers in logistics.

“Customers have come to rely on it to improve product availability, create innovative purchasing strategies and manage their financial systems,” says the CEO of DSI. “The new release is a higher Cloud Inventory step in the industry. We are excited to introduce our solution to new customers as well as extend it to existing customers as they continue to adopt our innovative solution.”

DSI’s newest release of its offers real-time inventory accuracy, compliance, and optimization for manufacturers and distributors. DSI’s predictive algorithms support accurate inventory accuracy, providing a powerful competitive advantage in today’s dynamic eCommerce landscape. See this page for related information.


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