Cloud Inventory products: Why DSI Cloud Inventory is a Salesforce Integration that Benefits Service Work Orders

DSI Cloud Inventory – Field Inventory management is a mobile-first cloud solution that enables field technicians to efficiently, reliably, and accurately collect field-based data to produce accurate CRM data at the time and place of work order or ticket creation.

Using the mobile application, field technicians log time, fuel consumption, and other information related to fieldwork to build the Service Performance Record, which is securely stored in the DSI Cloud Inventory warehouse inventory platform for replay. This record will be automatically synchronized with Salesforce, integrating accurate, relevant field data into the Salesforce CRM system.

How will DSI optimize its CRM system?

“Salesforce users who have Field Inventory Management on the Salesforce CRM platform stand to optimize their CRM system by saving time and allowing field service personnel to spend less time on administrative tasks. We are excited to be working with Salesforce to provide this key functionality to enhance productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships,” says Terry Atkinson, director of Salesforce Business Applications for DSI.

Salesforce users who want to take advantage of this capability can contact DSI. “The Field Inventory platform has several unique features, making it the perfect companion to the Salesforce CRM platform.

What benefits will Salesforce users receive?

Providing real-time inventory visibility to the field makes it easy to know the work order status by utilizing the Field Inventory software. This will help Salesforce users complete the work order more efficiently and resolve customer complaints.

Reduce unnecessary data entry by creating a dashboard based on the data collected, which means less time spent on repetitive tasks, increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Establish a real-time connection between customer accounts and field resources so that, as changes are made, the latest data is updated in the field. This increases revenue while maintaining a high customer retention rate.

Improve service technician productivity by increasing accountability of equipment and tools.

How does DSI Cloud Inventory work?

Data Systems International Field Inventory uses DSI’s patented RFID technology to give field personnel comprehensive information on the state of tools, equipment, and inventory in the field. The platform uses RFID-enabled devices on the worksite to enable users to identify equipment in the field in real-time. Tracking inventory using RFID technology is now the first-line practice among industrial companies looking to optimize their operations.

DSI Cloud Inventory Products – Field Inventory has been designed to leverage RFID technology and other sophisticated aspects of RFID to improve manufacturing materials, workforce visibility, productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Manufacturing Materials tracks all of the supplies and materials used to build a product or structure. It focuses on tracking all of the materials used both before and after the production process. The software is widely used in the construction and manufacturing industries as they focus on building and then distributing their products to other businesses.

With Warehouse Inventory, businesses can better track all of their inventory that they have on hand. The software is widely used for retailers who look to keep track of their stock as well as where it is going. This is an ideal software package to have when a company plans on tracking all of its inventory at their warehouse.


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