Now Is The Time To Invest In Gold As Trump Angers China

President-elect Donald Trump placed a phone call to the President of Taiwan after learning about his election victory. This phone call breaks years of tradition by U.S. Presidents by bypassing China. Mainland China believes Taiwan is a part of its kingdom; that the small island nation is under its control. Talking to Taiwan directly recognizes the country’s sovereignty. This recognition has displeased Chinese authorities.


President’s past have never communicated directly with Taiwan. Rather, phone calls have been placed to Mainland China when dealing with Taiwan as a sign of respect for the most populated nation on Earth. This break from protocol has put the world economy at risk. China could simply call in all of its United States-based debt, or the communist nation artificially controls the value of its currency in an economic attack against the States. Either way, Chinese unrest could crash the world’s economy.


That’s why it is more important than ever to invest in gold. Paper money is worthless when the economy goes into a tailspin, but gold never decreases in value. It is always worth a lot. In fact, gold is one of the world’s oldest currencies because of the precious metal’s high demand.


Gold continues to increase in value over time, as well. This perpetual climb market value makes gold a good investment.  Essentially, gold is a great way to save your hard earned money no matter what the economy throws at you.


Plus, gold is easy to hold on to. You don’t need to stash your gold in a bank. You can keep your gold in a safe at home. Some people even choose to bury their gold as a means of hiding it for emergency situations. You can never be too careful with all the political unrest around the world.


The US Money Reserve has been selling gold for years. The professional staff can help you understand the value of gold in today’s unstable economic environment.


The US Money Reserve offers gold buying services because Central Banks all over the world are stockpiling gold to protect wealth in this time economic downturn. The company believes that you should have the same opportunity. Get out ahead of China’s interference with the economy with US Money Reserve.

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