Cone Marshall Limited Excellent Tax Management Services

Cone Marshall is a reputable firm that deals with international tax and trusts, located in Auckland at the Parnell House, level 3, Auckland 1157, New Zealand. This firm has been successful following excellent management by its founders, Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone, who have worked tirelessly to make this firm one of the best in New Zealand.


Karen Marshall has been working in Cone Marshall for the last year, and her contributions have brought a positive impact to the company. She is a qualified statutory trustee companies advisor, with excellent management skills and extensive experience in trust management. Before joining Cone Marshall, Karen worked in a law firm in London for ten years where she was in the Department of Commercial Litigation something that has made her scale her career into higher levels.


Geoffrey Marshall started his practice in the year 1980. He has been providing international trust and tax planning and trust management services. He was able to excel in his practice by dedicating his time to offer quality services, something that made him, recognized globally. Geoffrey has been a pillar in the law industry, making his firm Cone Marshall an exceptional company being the only one that specializes exclusively in global tax and trust management. In the article that was published in May 2016 that acts as Law Firm and Experts Directory, Geoffrey was described as Quintessential Tax Lawyer.


This company has been considered one of best company, providing excellent services; it has and still sticks to offering practical principles of tax and trust transparency, offering reliable advice on international tax and trust law.


In the article that was trending on social media in 2012, Geoffrey Cone, invalidated the idea of New Zealand was a country that people hide so that to escape paying taxes, with the unknown private banking industry. According to him, New Zealand is a Charter Member of, and subscribes to the principles incorporated in the gold star for transparency, the year 2002 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Agreement on Exchange of Exchange of Information on Tax Matters.


Cone Marshall believes that the reason as to why there has been an increase of foreign trusts is that New Zealand has been recognized as a safe, stable, and high-quality jurisdiction with the best laws, which is a positive international impact for New Zealand.