Closing The Deficiency Gap: Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a way for students, teachers, and parents to come together to make sure that their students get the best possible education. The school was founded in 2006 and in a short amount of time, the nonprofit organization has become one of the leading online and campus-oriented schools in the country. One particular state that could really benefit from the use of Rocketship Education and the methods used to teach kids today is Tennessee and specifically Nashville. Here’s why.

The city of Nashville has always a specific formula to assess how a child is doing in school and what they have learned thus far. These tests that are given to students are called Measures for Academic Progress tests or MAP tests. If a child does not or cannot keep up in school it is likely that the student will drop out. Here is an example: A student takes a MAP test and finds out later that he or she is placed in the tenth percentile among peers. This means in simple terms that ninety percent of the students in the same grade performed better on the MAP tests that the particular student did. This can be devastating for a students self-confidence and it is likely that the student will not want to take part in school or much else.

This is where an education from Rocketship can come into play. In 2016, almost one hundred and fifty students were behind in various subjects. After an intense year of study and hard work, all of the students were able to close the gap in deficiencies and in some cases get ahead in school. Rocketship makes sure to monitor student progress at every turn to make sure that students stay on track and be able to achieve their dreams.

The principle of Rocketship Education is simple. Students cannot do it alone. Strong and involved parents and effective teachers can make all of the difference in a students life. This is why Rocketship Education can help not only those struggling students in Nashville Tennessee but the entire United States as well.