Securus Technologies and The Prison System Issue It Seeks To Resolve

The modern setting the entire world is programmed right now is even getting more complicated. The more complicated it is, the more fragile and vulnerable it is to things that cause harm. One of these threats to the safety of the people today would be the management of the security system in prison cells. In fact, the issue of security in the corrections facilities is so severe that it threatens the lives of those who work there. One of these officers who work in such a service is Robert Johnson, and his story is a remarkably tragic one.


The Shot Inside His Home

Robert Johnson is the man who was shot inside his home because of issues he did in his work at the corrections. It is his job in the corrections facility to ban cellphones from the hands of inmates. When his work got mixed up with the wrong people, somebody held a grudge against him.


When he was trying to grab the phones from inmates, he might have stopped the illegal operations of inmates inside the prison. Which could be the reason he was shot at home.


Before he was shot at home, contraband was confiscated inside the prison, and he was the man responsible. As a result, he was shot in the chest in his home, and he stayed in the hospital for so long that his family was worried for his life. But as fate would have it, God has still a reason for him to exist and with that, he’s now working for Securus Technologies.


The Help of Securus

With the tragedy of what happened came the vision and mission of Securus Technologies to provide security in the corrections. It is now the work of Robert Johnson to handle the internal security of the correction facility that he works in with the help of Securus Technologies. Securus has hired him to be the man overseeing how the monitoring programs of Securus Technologies will prevent what just happened to him.


I think that what Securus Technologies is doing is such a useful thing. Anything that prevents tragedies from happening and prevents lives from being threatened will find great approval. With Securus Technologies being rated an A+ rating at BBB Business Accreditation website, I can watch out more of what it can still do in preventing threats in jails from escalating. Indeed, Securus Technologies is one of the few powerful tools against the sophistication of the criminals today.



Stopping Inmate Drug Use with Securus Technologies

I am employed by the state as one of several corrections officers in the prison. In my last ten years, I have seen drug use rise so dramatically that it has become an epidemic in the jails. These inmates are dangerous enough without the drugs, but add in the mix heroin or crack, and things go from bad to deadly in a flash. We have several resources we are using to try and slow down the flow of drugs, but it can get overwhelming at times.


Our supervisor instructed me and my team that the team at Securus Technologies was in the process of installing a new inmate call system in the prison, and it was going to help us with the drug issues in the jail. We have come to trust Securus Technologies over the years, due in part to the CEO Rick Smith and his 1,000 employees who all believe the work they are doing is going to make the world a safer place. We planned on putting that objective to the test immediately.


Once we were all trained to use the LBS software, we began to monitor the calls to see if it could indeed help us to curb the flow of drugs to the inmates. To my surprise, that first hour we already had some solid evidence. One of the calls that was being monitored picked up on some chatter between one of the inmates and his brother, taking about drug use in the cell after dark. The next call revealed how some inmates were getting drugs from visitors, and yet another revealed where drugs were being hidden in the prison.


Needless to say, we immediately rush to those areas of the jail when we get information so we can put a quick stop to the inmates drug use, and it has made an impression.


Securus Technologies Responds to Global Tel Link’s Press Release

Securus Technologies is a communication service provider in the United States. Its headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas and extends its services to Colombia, Mexico, and Netherlands. The company provides its services to more than 1 million inmates in 2,600 correctional facilities throughout the United States. Their services include communication, information management, monitoring products and services, public information, emergency response, incident management, and inmate self-service.


Securus’ legal tussles


On June 9, 2016, Securus Technologies issued corrections to Global Tel Link’s press release issued on 7th June 2016. In the GTL’s press release, Securus Technologies noted incorrect and misleading information that needed clarification. Some of the false statement by GTL included the legal tussle between the two companies. Securus intends to move to a district court for a rehearing of the patent litigation. GTL refers it as PTAB validated.


In regards to the patent rights, GTL’s press release indicated that the PTAB had determined that their innovations had been licensed; thus, giving them the right to protect their technology. Securus Technologies describes GTL’s claims as farfetched since the PTAB had not determined whether GTL’s innovation had the copyright. The rehearing of the patent case was due; therefore, Securus Technologies questioned the legality of GTL’s allegations on the same issue.


Furthermore, GTL claimed that they would file a new lawsuit to present their evidence to the jury. Securus Technologies refuted these claims stating that the case would take long to be heard; probably not in 2016. Securus Technologies contradicts GTL’s notion that they had a pattern of suing their competitors.



Securus Technologies Brings Video Visitation Technology To People In Correction Facilities

One of the best times of the year for many people is Christmas. The Christmas season is special because it can mean many different things to many different people. For some, the idea of Christmas is about the sharing of memories from days gone by and making new Christmas memories. For others, the idea of Christmas may revolve around family traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.


Whatever the reason why people find Christmas special, the holiday is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. People of all ages look forward to Christmas. From the youngest to the oldest in the family, Christmas is a time that carries special meaning and purpose.


However, for people who cannot get out to visit family and friends during the Christmas season, the idea of Christmas can bring a lot of saddest instead of joy. Many people have a deep need and desire to see love ones during the Christmas season, and there is really no substitute for going home to visit family and friends.


Although there is no substitute for visiting family and friends during the Christmas holiday season, Securus Technologies is providing a great option for people detained in correction facilities. Securus Technologies has developed video visitation technology that allows people detained in correction facilities to communicate with family and friends during the Christmas season.


The technology works by establishing a connection between people located in a correction facility with family and friends located at home. Once connected, people in correction facilities are able to see and talk to family and friends through the use of the technology in real time.


While simply talking to family and friends is good during Christmas season, the ability to actually see family and friends in addition to talking is something that adds much more to the time spent communicating with family and friends.


I think that the video visitation technology provided by Securus Technologies will help bring joy to many people detained in correction facilities during the Christmas holiday season. The technology will give them the chance to see and hear the Christmas season back home.


Securus Technologies  is a well respected technology company that provides a variety of technology related products and services to various agencies located across the country in addition to providing technology related products and services for inmates.