Blair Helps Others See Financial Dreams Come True

When Richard Blair Wealth Solutions graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas as Houston he had one goal in mind. His goal was to create a company where others felt they could see their financial goals come to fruition partially through education, and partially through the confidence they have in Blair’s ability to handle their finances properly.

In order to give the customer this vote of confidence, he worked to obtain certifications in multiple areas, including certifications in Estates and Trusts (CES) and Retirement Income (RICP).

His company serves affluent individuals and families as well as small business owners. Outside of the office, he enjoys bike riding, golfing, exercising, and taking vacations with his wife Joanna and their three children.

His company, Wealth Solutions, opened in 1994 and is considered to be a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA). Their goal at Wealth Solutions is to provide every customer with a tailored plan to accomplish their goals.

The beginning of their three step approach starts is to lay out their financial road map and asks questions such as “What is the client doing well? What are their weaknesses? Where are their growth opportunities?” After having an honest discussion to answer these questions, they begin to look at the next step. Pillar two focuses on long-term goals that meet the client’s needs.

This is where the employee, possibly even Blair himself, reallocates and manages assets to make sure that the customer is getting maximum performance with their investments or in a time of negative markets reducing the negative impact. Once this has been achieved, Blair and his team focus on meeting the customers’ insurance needs, including long-term care and annuities.

In doing this they are giving the customer a well-rounded and stable financial future, ensuring that the customer is able to be financially comfortable both now and in the future, no matter what their goals are.

Through the last twenty-three years, Blair and his company have continued to serve the Austin, Texas area and look forward to helping more people see their financial dreams accomplished.