Jason Hope: IoT and Its Impact on Our Daily Lives

Jason Hope: IoT and Its Impact on Our Daily Lives

The world is fast becoming a global village thanks to the internet of things (IoT). Ever since the invention of the internet, a few decades ago, it has exponentially spread throughout the world. The IoT has brought some ease in how we carry out our daily activities. The technology is developing at a fast pace that it has become almost impossible to keep up with its development. For this reason, Jason Hope has recently released a book to help users understand where IoT stands and its future.

Jason Hope is an accomplished businessman and philanthropist who is passionate about technology developments. He has had a stellar career in the business world. He is a native of Arizona where he was brought up and still lives. Due to his vast knowledge acquired from his astronomical career as an entrepreneur, people have always sought opinion on several issues. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Having been brought up in a loving community, Jason Hope has always felt indebted to give back to the community. This feeling led to the decision to use his passion and love of technology to release a book to help people understand IoT more. The book is titled “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” The book covers the IoT wholesomely.

The book starts by giving a detailed explanation of IoT. Apart from the common gadgets that use the internet such as computers, tablets, and telephones, Jason also delves into other systems such as cars, security systems, and home appliances. The book covers the benefits that come with IoT. Further, it covers the risks that one is prone to when using the services of IoT. The book cautions readers to be aware of issues relating to privacy.

Finally, Jason Hope provides tips on how to use IoT to improve the quality of life. He also advises the readers on how to mitigate the few privacy risks. The book is available in soft copy on platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle app where people can easily download it.

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