Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner – A Story of Smart Success

As a schoolboy growing up in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani worked many long hours after school helping his father in the family variety store. The store sold office supplies, Parker Pens, household goods and the like and an extended day was necessary in order to make a profit. Young Hussain told his father that he would never want to be a businessman when he grew up because the hours were just too long. It would be better to become a professional, according to Hussain, because then he would be able to work regular hours.

Hussain did attend the University of Washington where he studied Economics and Engineering, and after graduation, he returned back to Dubai. For a while, he worked for a gas company in Dubai, but he went after an opportunity that held great promise. He founded a catering company that sold meals to the United States Army during the Gulf War and he did very well. In fact, that company is still doing a good business today.

Eventually, the United Arab Emirates made it legal for foreign nationals to purchase property in the Emirates, and Sajwani saw an upcoming opportunity in the real estate market. He surmised that there would be a great need for living accommodations, and he intended to supply them.

It was then that DAMAC Properties, Inc. was formed, Sajwani’s real estate and development company. His objective was to build the most desirable and luxurious apartments in the land because he knew that many of the people coming into the country had a great deal of money. He was a great promoter and salesman, as one of his slogans, “New Bently For Each Apartment” got great results. And yes, a new Bently did go with each new apartment purchased.

DAMAC Owner Sajwani has good business principles too, as he only pays cash for the land and he finances very little of the building projects. By owning the properties outright with very little, to no debt, no one can foreclose on him. He also keeps separate accounting and bank accounts on each property so each one stands on its own.

Today, DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani are well-known in real estate circles all over the world. Get connected with Sajwani thru Twitter or Instagram.


Matt Bandali-The Force Behind This Expansive Money Opportunity

What are Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks is a unique investment opportunity. With current investments of 34.6 billion in the capital that will be paid by the end of June. The primary misunderstanding is most people think these payments are coming from the government, and then there are those you believe payments are coming from unscrupulous companies. In reality, these checks are not a cash handout; monthly returns are based on commitments to ongoing investments.

How Does It Work?

Freedom Checks is merely an investment opportunity, not a misconception as a monthly payout. As Matt Bandali, the force behind this investment opportunity has pointed out, anyone interested in this plan has to know the details of this investment opportunity.

Statue 26-F

Let’a take a look at what this investment opportunity is all about. Laying aside the misinformed information, let’s look at the origins of this investment opportunity. In 1981, U.S. Congress passed laws that allowed master limited partnerships in 1981. When these master limited partnerships were first set up, few regulations were required to set these type of companies.

After a few years of these master limited partnerships, regulations were set up by the government. In 1987, laws called Statue 26-F was set up by the government. These master limited partnerships could operate tax-free under two conditions. FIrst, ninety percent of MLP revenue to be generated has to come from the processing, production, and storage of gas and oil here in the states. Second, a master limited partnership has to pay out checks to their shareholders. According to these new regulations, ninety percent of the investment returns have to are paid to the investors on a monthly basis. Thus, the checks commonly referred to as Freedom Checks. With these new regulations, MLP enjoys significant tax advantages. Under these new regulations, master limited partnerships can quickly grow in their opportunities to search for new gas and oil wells, leaving the avenue open for new profits down the road. Watch this video at Youtube.


If there is so much potential in this investment plan, why is there so much misinformation about this lucrative investment opportunity? Even though the process is elementary as buying stock and receiving a monthly return on your investment, the confusion still exists. Matt Badiali, whose background is in geology and his financial analyst is qualified to help those investors in this high return investment plan. Learn more:

HCR Wealth Advisors Explore the Concept of New Retirement

What comes to your mind when you think of retirement and life away from the general routines your job entitles you to? According to HCR Wealth Advisors, most individuals associate retirement with financial planning. A significant number of individuals planning for retirement often neglect the emotional, physical, and psychological adjustments that come with retirement, which play a significant role in ensuring they lead a meaningful life outside the confines of a job.

The registered investment advisory firm believes it is time for individuals considering retirement, already retired, or in a relationship with a retiree to consider the non-financial aspects of retirement. The affected parties need to rethink and re-strategize on how to address personal adjustments associated with retirement like the loss of identity and disengagement from the habitual schedules and how to adjust to the new environment. HCR Wealth Advisors refers to this realization and adjustment as the ‘New Retirement.’

The Shift From Happiness to Stress and Depression

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) observe that almost every individual looks up to retirement with sheer optimism about the life of freedom and happiness lying ahead. However, the investment strategists argue that without a proper plan that addresses both the financial and non-financial aspects of this new life, this optimism can quickly turn to frustrations. Coupled with such other negative accompaniments of aging like poor health and boredom, the retirement can see the once-bubbly professional may sink into stress, depression, and even loss of self-esteem.

Learning How to Cope with Retirement

HCR Wealth Advisors wealth management experts argue that if a retiree is to hop out of this trap or avoid it all together, they first need to understand the concepts of retirement and plan on how to deal with each. They need to understand that retirement means changes in different spheres of life, loss of benefits, and connections.

According to Crunchbase, New Retirement then dictates that you start planning on how to address these issues. For instance, you need to start preparing psychologically for the habitual changes that often accompany retirement, plan on whether to solely rely on retirement benefits or turn passion or profession into an income generating service. Most importantly, make plans on how to live right by maintaining your body and mind.

About HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that specializes in offering investment and wealth management to its broad list of clienteles. Such advice not only covers the financial aspects of life but also delves into non-financial and personal management advisory.

See their latest post here:

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

The Benefits of Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks has been on commercials especially on radios for the past few months and for people who listen to the radio, they have probably heard about Freedom Checks. The commercial highlights how people are getting their share of a payout which is worth $34.6 billion. Individuals are urged to stake their claims by the commercial which highlights specific dates such as February 1, April 1 and May 1 so that they can get a share of the cash being staked out.

Checks is legit according to searches on websites such as Google and individuals can make money from it, and to some people, they claim that it is more like winning the lottery. Matt Badiali is the person who came up with the idea of Checks, and he is even featured on the website of the company explaining more details to interested individuals. From the videos on the site, some people are featured stating how they earned up to $160,923 from the Checks. Visit to know more.

The initiative comes from a real investment strategy. On the monthly or quarterly basis, a return of the money put in the investment is paid to Master Limited Partnerships-investors. After investing in the MLP’s an individual buys units of a company and later earns based on the company’s performance.

The main idea which generated Checks was that these companies find it better to give their profits to individuals who invested in them other than giving their earnings to the government. There are 568 companies in the MLP’s according to Badiali, but he urges individuals to spend in only five of them which have a substantial control in raw materials such as oil, timber and gas which are valued at over a billion dollars in raw materials. Freedom Checks has enabled many individuals to make money more so from investing in the five MLP’s suggested by Badiali.

It is a marketing strategy which guarantees high returns for the individuals who choose to start their investments. Freedom Checks was enacted by Congress as long as a company meets the requirements. Matt Badiali came across this idea when he worked for a financial expert who would take Matt with him to places such as meetings with oil companies and mining corporations to set the trends and discovering of new technologies. During such trips is when Matt learnt about Master Limited Partnerships and got a list of companies which were able to issue Freedom Checks. The companies mostly dealt with oil and gas. Visit:


More Positive Reviews For AvaTrade

The AvaTrade platform is booming as investors reconsider the odds.


Spectators never expected it, but the Euro and Pound gain new life in the markets. Avatrade brings you this report with an interesting view of how Europe’s currencies are priced. The perfect perspective is possible with a special platform that combines all the financial trader’s tools neatly into one package.


The Euro shows impressive performance at above 1.18 while pushing higher.


We find this data through a simple setup. So, who is Avatrade? Avatrade is a regulated broker that provides a safe forex platform with additional assets like CFDs, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Entering these markets require that you also enter a control center to give you direct leverage over the financial markets.


A Bit More Confidence And A Few More Rallies

The opening market of Tuesday, June 12, 2018 shows to be a great opportunity to get into forex.


The forex market operates roughly 5 trillion U.S. dollars worth of currencies, so let Avatrade be your major reason for confidence in the market. Your next consideration is how you will enter. There’s one regulated option that offers an ongoing distribution of current news, education and continual training.


This option is a platform with technical analysis that can put you right into the heart of current price trends. There is a “pulse” you need to find after all.


This is why professionals consider AvaTrade. Its news stream is helpful for changes in the market. Understanding the minute by minute changes offers a trader clarity.


AvaTrade has priced clarity for investors since 2006.


Prices And Sure Returns

Security is a major factor to entering the forex market. The security of AvaTrade is supported by regulating factors that offer traders a bit more ease and relaxation. Investing during a live trade can be stressful.


You can minimize those stresses when trading with security and regulation. The week will soon close as traders think about their positions. You should also think about yours. Investors never know where the markets will go exactly, but Avatrade can position you to profit in either direction.


Learn more about AvaTrade:

Freedom Checks Are Actually A Very Real Thing That Matt Badiali Has Been Trying To Introduce To The Public

Matt Badiali and the press have been talking a whole lot about something called Freedom Checks. While many people ignoring the call to sink money into them due to the fact that they are being perceived by some as a possible scam, the truth is they are a very real thing. One thing that is true about them is that they are not checks from the government but are private checks that come from an investment. Truthfully, a commitment is required to get into this type of investment, and repeated investments are also required to get a nice payout.

While it is true that Matt Badiali has claimed that Freedom Checks are secret program that presidents have been working on for a long time, what he is really talking about are Master Limited Partnerships; otherwise known as MLPs. These are business partnerships that work as publicly traded limited partnerships, and this gives them tax advantages. There are two kinds of MLPs, and these are the kind that revolve around limited partners who buy up MLP shares and those whom are general partners that play a role in operating the MLP every day. They are traded within the United States and are loved for their tax benefits, and they also dispense all assets that are available to investors. Visit the website to learn more.

There is nothing new about Freedom Checks, really, as they have been in existence since the early 1980’s. Today, there are more than 550 companies who can offer Freedom Checks to investors, but they do come with some limitations. The first of these is that most of the revenue that comes from them must be from the oil or gas, processing or production, or storage ans transportation industries in the U.S.A. The second requirement is that they must be paid out on a yearly basis. The reason why so many websites are chalking them up to be some kind of scam is because they don’t understand them or know anything about them.

Freedom Checks come from MLPs that are publicly traded on the stock market, and when their profits go to shareholders, no federal income tax is required. This is akin to trading dividend-paying stocks, and an investor can choose to take the payout or reinvest it. Matt Badiali is highly recommending them, and due to the fact that he has worked for more than twenty years as a natural resource investor, it would be wise to listen to him.



Freedom Checks Are Not What You Think But Are A Legit Investment Opportunity Nonetheless

When Banyan Hill Publishing released a talk radio commercial talking about the benefits of Freedom Checks and how people all over the country are cashing in on a multi-billion dollar payout, many people were skeptical. It sounds too good to be true for most, and it sounds like some kind of program ran by the government to others. When doing a search on Google to find out more about what they are, the results speak to the legitimacy of them but seem a bit over the top with claims that they are equivalent to winning the lottery.

Matt Badiali is the man who is really putting these Freedom Checks in the spotlight, and he explains the details about them on the Freedom Checks website. The name itself was coined by Badiali, but they are a real that is more investment-based rather than a free money grab. What they are is called Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), and investors can expect to receive their return on their investment on a monthly or quarterly basis. Basically, when you invest in MLPs, you are purchasing pieces of a company, which then pay off a certain amount depending upon how well the company is doing. The companies are gas and oil companies that don’t pay taxes like most corporations. Check at to know more.

While a lot of what Freedom Checks offer may sound similar to trading in the stock market, the difference is that these companies have to earn 90 percent of their income from American natural resources. Their profits go to investors instead of the government, and Matt Badiali has revealed that there are 568 companies that involved in the offer. He believes that five of these are worth the investment, and it has been shown that these are some of the highest paying dividend investments a person could invest in. This means that the people who will earn the most are the people who invest the most.

Matt Badiali isn’t actually selling Freedom Checks but is, instead, offering a membership to his newsletter, which is called the Real Wealth Strategist. Included in the membership is the five MLPs that he likes the best. This means that the deal isn’t a scam at all. Instead Badiali has found a clever way to market something that is very real and that could benefit investors from all walks of life. According to testimonials, many people are already seeing profits from their investments. Read:

Freedom Checks According to t Banyan Publishing

The internet does not have an exactly great reputation. Therefore, when an ad such as was thrown around by the millionaire investor Matt Badiali shows up, people brace for something that could be tumultuous. Well, such was the feeling a couple of weeks back when it happened. Having featured multi-level marketing scums to other schemes that promise quick riches, only to deliver quick losses, the internet is a forest full of the unknowns. Consequently, it is easy to miss out on a genuine investment opportunity when it arises. Read this article at

Filtering the Chaff from the Wheat

According to reliable sources, including Banyan Hill Publishing, it is likely that millions of American investors are going to miss out on the next round of freedom Checks because no one believes the internet anymore. There is hope in the pipeline though. There is a renowned geological and mining firm that may help you to access your first check; just like the one that was being held in the video by Matt Badiali. Well, if you are still trying to join the dots, take it easy and read on. One of the simple ideas behind the concept of Freedom Checks is ensuring that America is self-sufficient in its energy needs. Matt Badiali is the geologist that everyone may want to know. It is reported that Matt Badiali has had a long spate studying geological natural resources for three decades. He is, therefore he is a respected authority when it comes to energy and mining issues. Matt Badiali has also shared his knowledge of geology with hundreds of people through his teaching services at the University of North Carolina. Matt has traveled across the globe in his research activities. He has been to Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Yukon, among other countries.

Spending Time with the Gurus

Matt is said to have been close to the billionaire oil industry investor, Mr. T. Boone Pickens. He is also in touch with the leading players in the oil industry. It is also reported that his research has helped over 100, 000 people in the US. He has been in the news a lot more lately because of his Freedom Checks Video on social media. Matt exposed millions of American to the possibility of investing in companies that operate in the oil industry and subsequently earning fat checks. The companies he was referring to are called the Master Limited Partnership Companies. There are only 568 such companies registered in the US thus far. They operate tax-free and issue 90% of their profits to the shareholders. Read more:



Ryan Seacrest’s Career Journey

Ryan Seacrest was born in December the year 1974. He is known to be a prominent American radio person, producer, and television host. Ryan fame rose for hosting the competition show called the American Idol, American Top 40, and KIIS-FM on the morning radio show known as “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” He is on a permanent project in co-hosting the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” since 2017. His journey in hosting the shows has been tested and approved with him winning special awards like Emmy Award nominations for the American Idol. He also won the Emmy for the production of the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Ryan was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother had seen the vision of his son in the show production industry since he was young. Ryan’s father was a real estate lawyer. Like most children, Ryan was taken to school through the formal education, and at the age of fourteen, Ryan attended the Dunwoody High School. During his high school studies, at the age of sixteen, he won the internship with WSTF FM, Atlanta. He was given an opportunity to be on air on the weekend overnight. Ryan continued being on air at WSTR since then until he graduated from the high school in 1992. Following his career, Ryan Seacrest went to the University of Georgia where he did journalism. He continued with a radio show at an Athens station that locally operates until he left the university at the age of nineteen years. After leaving university, he moved to Hollywood with the intentions of furthering his broadcasting career.

Ryan’s career took great shape due to his commitment and passion. Since then he continued to host several programs and radios shows. Out of all the shows he has ever hosted, one that put him in the spotlight in the entire America was the “American Idol” where he was a co-host. After some time of doing an excellent job, he became the sole host. The show rose in the number of viewers each week, which totaled to around 26 million. This made him recognizable as well as gave him an opportunity to earn a high pay in TV hosting than ever before.

Ryan Seacrest’s Social Accounts:

Stream Energy Forms Stream Cares Foundation to Assist Those in Need

Many companies in the United States incorporate philanthropic efforts into their overall business plans. Ask just about any “C” level executive in a corporation, and he or she would tell you it is not only an altruistic venture that benefits others, but also an image enhancer for the company. One may say it is surprising, then, that more companies in the great state of Texas do not follow this example. One company in the Lone Star State, however, has been contributing their time. talent and treasure to those in need for over a decade.

Stream Energy, based in Dallas, Texas, is a direct-selling company that provides services for energy, wireless phone, and protective home services. Recently the company’s philanthropic efforts were highlighted in an article posted on (see: “Dallas-Based Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares For Philanthropy” — by: Leslie Kennedy,, March 5, 2018 ). In this article we find that phllanthropic work has been woven into the culture of the company from the get go. This is perhaps best summarized by this quote from Kimberly Girard, Senior Event Manager at Stream Energy: “We’re an organization with heart, and we plan to consistently identify new and strategic ways to give back — especially ways that tie in with the efforts of our associates.”

As direct sellers of the Stream Energy portfolio of products and services, these associates are driven not only by their commissions, but their desire to make a positive difference in their marketplace and community. “Giving back” has taken many different forms throughout the years. One example is Operation Once in a Lifetime, an initiative in which Stream Energy associates worked to provide financial and moral support to veterans and their families.

More recently, Stream Energy formed Stream Cares Foundation, in partnership with Hope Supply Co. to assist those in need. Hope Supply Co. has been in business for a number of years providing clothing, school supplies and more to the homeless. Together, these two organizations are working hard to help not only the homeless community, but also those affected by natural disasters.