US Money Reserve Is Given DRTV Award At AdSphere Awards

The AdSphere awards are run by an advertising corporation that gives various companies awards for promoting products in creative ways through infomercials and Direct Response Television (DRTV) formats.

The winner of their DRTV “infomercials” and “short form products” awards was US Money Reserve, an Austin-based precious metals company that has one of the largest stock of gold and silver bullion in its inventory. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

They have used all kinds of storylines and demonstrations on buying precious metals, and they’ve done so in ways that are simple yet detailed and reflect the company brand. It’s a tremendous accomplishment and an honor to receive the awards in the words of CEO Angela Koch because of how they’re able to reach prospective customers through the DRTV format.

One of the first rules to buying gold and silver is to buy them from a reputable dealer and to make sure you can physically possess them. With US Money Reserve that’s exactly what you get, and they’ve been honoring their commitment to quality product delivery to customers all over the world since 2001. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

The company owns bullion with a variety of price ranges whether you’re only looking to buy a little or add a high amount to your personal portfolio.

The economy can suffer from volatility, but when the markets are troubled gold and silver can protect your hard-earned wealth.

There are still risks involved with buying gold, but US Money Reserve can help you work through them and decide for yourself if owning it is right for you.

US Money Reserve is run by some of the top industry experts including the former 35th US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. Diehl was acclaimed for bringing some high profile minting initiatives during his time at the agency including the Sacagawea gold dollar, the 50 states quarters and the first ever platinum coin. Follow US Reserve on Twitter

Now in the private sector, Diehl is a proponent of everyone owning gold or silver coins and understanding why past presidential administrations also wished for Americans to own gold. Diehl has explained his position on buying gold to television network news anchors and in the US Reserve introductory page of their website.

The introductory page points customers to the US Money Reserve free gold kit which is a great place to start if you’ve never purchased precious metals before. You can get your gold kit and view the US Money Reserve catalog by going to