Matt Bandali-The Force Behind This Expansive Money Opportunity

What are Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks is a unique investment opportunity. With current investments of 34.6 billion in the capital that will be paid by the end of June. The primary misunderstanding is most people think these payments are coming from the government, and then there are those you believe payments are coming from unscrupulous companies. In reality, these checks are not a cash handout; monthly returns are based on commitments to ongoing investments.

How Does It Work?

Freedom Checks is merely an investment opportunity, not a misconception as a monthly payout. As Matt Bandali, the force behind this investment opportunity has pointed out, anyone interested in this plan has to know the details of this investment opportunity.

Statue 26-F

Let’a take a look at what this investment opportunity is all about. Laying aside the misinformed information, let’s look at the origins of this investment opportunity. In 1981, U.S. Congress passed laws that allowed master limited partnerships in 1981. When these master limited partnerships were first set up, few regulations were required to set these type of companies.

After a few years of these master limited partnerships, regulations were set up by the government. In 1987, laws called Statue 26-F was set up by the government. These master limited partnerships could operate tax-free under two conditions. FIrst, ninety percent of MLP revenue to be generated has to come from the processing, production, and storage of gas and oil here in the states. Second, a master limited partnership has to pay out checks to their shareholders. According to these new regulations, ninety percent of the investment returns have to are paid to the investors on a monthly basis. Thus, the checks commonly referred to as Freedom Checks. With these new regulations, MLP enjoys significant tax advantages. Under these new regulations, master limited partnerships can quickly grow in their opportunities to search for new gas and oil wells, leaving the avenue open for new profits down the road. Watch this video at Youtube.


If there is so much potential in this investment plan, why is there so much misinformation about this lucrative investment opportunity? Even though the process is elementary as buying stock and receiving a monthly return on your investment, the confusion still exists. Matt Badiali, whose background is in geology and his financial analyst is qualified to help those investors in this high return investment plan. Learn more: