George Soros Campaign Contributions to Elect Paul Penzone as the New Maricopa County Sheriff is Successful

The election between two candidates, Paul Penzone and Joe Arpaio running for Maricopa County Sheriff made national news. Former sheriff Arpaio served the county for 24 years and defeated Penzone in a previous election for the same local government position. He came under scrutiny among democratic supporters, citizens, investors, and some republican supporters involving contempt of court and reforms. George Soros, billionaire, investor, and hedge fund manager has financially supported initiatives and elections of the democratic party for many years. In 2015, he contributed $8 millions to Priorities USA Action (PAC), an organization founded in 2011 that supported the Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Politico reported on November 4th, 2016, four days before the election date George Soros donated $2 million to defeat former Maricopa County, Arizona’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The focus for the billionaire wasn’t for the presidential election alone, but the local law enforcement campaigns, as well. Part of the PAC donors group included Soros, Texans John & Laura Arnold, and the late Steve Jobs’ wife Laurene Powell Jobs. The Arnolds contributed $500,000 and Jobs donated $250,000 to support democratic candidate Paul Penzone. In a previous campaign report Soros is reported donating $300,000, including the most recent financial contributions in 2016 to defeat Arpaio and other local government officials.

He also contributed to the campaign against Bill Montgomery, republican district attorney. The Maricopa County Sherriff campaign donation to defeat Joe Arapaio is the largest contribution George donated in a local race during 2016. He strongly supports criminal justice and immigration reforms in the United States and worldwide. The Open Society Foundation Soros founded during the late 1970’s is established based on principles of open society human rights and values.

While Arpaio was serving as sheriff, federal prosecutors ordered him to stop practicing policies that discriminated against immigrants. He was officially charged with contempt of court for violating the court order a month before the November 2016 Election. His disobeying the order could result in six months of jail incarceration for failure of ending immigration laws enforcement in Arizona. A spokesperson with Soros Fund Management told Politico Arpaio placed a strain on the state’s justice system for more than 10 years; and influenced immigration conversation with venomous tone. These are reasons the PAC’s campaign donor group made enormous contributions to support Paul Penzone.

Soros and PAC-funders financial support pushed for a landslide win for democratic opponent Paul Penzone. He won 54 percent of the citizen’s votes in Maricopa County, taking over the sheriff position in law enforcement. Penzone is honored to hold such title and serve the people in the Arizona county to protect, serve, and promote criminal justice and immigration reform. Although, Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election which is a disappointment to George Soros, he came out as a winner supporting local law enforcement campaigns.

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