Kevin Seawright’s Illustrious Career In Real Estate and Public Service

Kevin Seawright was born to be a corporate leader. After graduating college, Kevin began thinking of ways he could build up his community. Kevin didn’t want to live his home city behind and make a success of himself somewhere else. He wanted to become successful for the explicit purpose of helping the communities around where he grew up.

He is an East Coast boy through and through. For more than 13 years Kevin has used his financial expertise to create communal growth in several east coast neighborhoods. He is the perfect example of what it means to give back.

According to Crunchbase, early this year, Kevin Seawright was named the newest team leader of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Newark CEDC is the exact type of company that Kevin has always wanted to team up with to boost economic growth.

Newark CEDC is a catalyst for economic development in New Jersey. They bring development and growth to the State’s largest city, Newark. Newark CEDC wants to attract, grow, and retain new businesses that are looking to become part of Newark.

Newark CEDC also manages some of Newark’s more spurring real estate development. With his nearly two decades of experience, Kevin brings his aptitude in accounting, operations, and diverse capital management to his new leading position. It’s what makes him such a perfect candidate for leading Newark CEDC into a brighter future.

As for the man himself, he is one of the best accounting and project management professionals in Newark. There was a time when he worked in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., in the local government, education, and real estate fields.

Along with his resolute determination to uplift the eastern coast communities, he makes great efforts to help the youths of Newark. He, like many other businesspeople, understands that it’s the next generation that will truly be the test of whether or not a community succeeds.