Education for Investors from the Oxford Club

The stock market can be one of the most exciting rollercoasters you will ever ride. There are peaks and valleys and you never know what is around the corner. Some believe they can tame it while others believe they are at its mercy. Whichever side of the coin you are on, there are plenty of players to trade and it has been that way throughout history.

Remembering back to some of the market’s unpredictability can be a scary recollection. Take for instance the crash of ’87. If you have seen the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” you will be familiar with how this doomsday unfolded on what is known as Black Monday. Brokers went in to work that October Monday morning not having a clue what they would see within the first few minutes of the opening bell. What they walked into was a disaster. The Dow plummeted more than 500 points, 508 to be exact. Brokers spent the morning fielding calls from freaked out Investors who were sweating bullets from the fear of massive losses. The day brought chaos and uncertainty without a smoking gun. It is not as if the dollar had gone bad overnight or that an economy somewhere around the world had collapsed. The market can be volatile and unforgiving. It is important to stay educated on how to predict the peak and valleys.

The Oxford Club, founded in 1999, aims to educate investors on how to navigate the unpredictable market. Offering a multitude of online resources to keep investors educated is part of the Oxford Club’s mission.

The Oxford Club puts in the research so the individual investor does not need to. Selecting the opportunity that will provide the most bang for the buck while minimizing the risk is how they serve the investor.

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Sam Tabar’s New Mission At Full Cycle


Sam Tabar was recently announced by Full Cycle as the chief operating officer. The appointment is a shift by the company to cost saving along with earth friendly fuels. Tabar, the former manager of capital strategy at Merrill Lynch, joined the firm as the new COO. He was excited to work with the senior leadership of the firm. Sam Tabar’s unique business strategies, experience, as well as his accomplishments in previous firms played an important role in Full Cycle hiring his services.


Prior to joining the corporate world, Tabar enrolled and completed his studies at Oxford University. He went on to earn his BA as well as MA. Additionally, he joined the Columbia School of Law from where he completed his legal education. After graduating, he became a practicing lawyer in New York working in one of the leading law firms. He worked for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. Sam made an instant impact at the law firm due to his extraordinary strategies.


In addition to excelling in the legal profession, Sam Tabar has spent many years honing his business strategies. In particular, Sam has extensive knowledge of the Asian region. He has served in leading corporations such as Merrill Lynch, PMA Investment Advisors, and SPARX Group as a hedge fund manager. He is also a brilliant investor aside from serving as legal professional and business strategist. Recently, he invested in THINX. Tabar invested in the firm with the aim of helping females in African as well as Asian countries. The investment also resulted in the establishment of a GoFundMe.


By naming Tabar as the chief operating officer, Full Cycle aims to expand their flow of energy and grow its business. Sam Tabar will use his legal experience as well as business strategies that he has developed for many years. That is from the various legal and financial firms he has served in. He will bring that experience to the company and lead it to the next face in its operations.