1. SAM TABAR is the new COO of FULL CYCLE ENERGY FUND LLC. He not only runs main operations, but he also assists in key decisions on its every level. COO to you, MR. SAM TABAR…..we believe in you and know you can do great things for the company! You can do it!

SAM TABAR, SAM TABAR, SAM TABAR…..what is it about this key one of a kind individual that is so attractive and uniquely valuable? For one, he is a persistent and hard worker.

His past work history and overall track record are a testimony to this: with those who persevere, all things are possible. There is nothing that is too difficult or impossible under the sun.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar has a record for always being on time and pitching his wonderful ideas and assistance, listening and patiently learning his craft over the many years.

He truly deserves his new position of leadership, and the company knows as a whole that he was made for the role….so to speak. Sam Tabar does not doubt his abilities not his training and experiences either….he is both well confident and fully prepared!

To quote an online source directly from a third party, I note that:

Full Cycle Energy Fund deals with the conversion of toxic wastes into a renewable energy source.

The position of a COO in a firm like this requires a person with a sharp and brilliant mind and is ready to offer his best to the service….” (, pg. 1, para. 1)

Thus, he is an experienced veteran in the matter and has much to add on numerous related topics. He is well prepared and well experienced as a whole.

By the way, for those of you who may be quite curious….as we all are from time to time…..COO stands for CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER. It is a position of much respect, authority, and responsibilities. It is surely not to be taken lightly.

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